Welcome to the Element of Clement

Well so the results are out. Ok it was released a few days ago or perhaps even earlier. Just kinda lazy to update my blog. Stuff happened and well life just gotta carry on. Anyway here are my results:

Design Studio: C
Theory of Design: D (YES! I got a D. -___-)
Intech: C+
GEMS: D- (OH fuck that)

Ok so my results kinda sucked. All Cs and Ds. Gotta buck up for my last sem. Geared up and ready to give it all. I hope. Would be kinda busy the next few days and then sch starts! I really hope when school starts all my usual routine's gonna be back to normal. Seriously I felt this holiday was kinda screwed up. All my usual routines are a little messed up, made me really lethargic. Oh well.

Did a quick reskin for the image above. Was really bored awhile ago thus resulting in this. The edges are jerky, anyone knows how to solve it in photoshop? Let me know alright. Thanks! =D

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