Welcome to the Element of Clement

the irony of life.

some things are ought to be told but yet your mind tells you that it is dangerous.
some things are ought to be truthfully expressed but your heart tells you it is nonsense to do so.
the truth is impt but sometimes avoiding the truth is a right choice.
perspective of others are not what i can deal with, sometimes i just wish someone to understand me that bit more.
surface frens in abundance, how much are actually heart felt.

i hesistated to even blog just now. telling myself not to whine. but browsin thru my msn list and just couldnt bring myself to let my feelings out to some of my frens. bloggin was my last resort and it does make me feel abit less of a moron.

and also to grace. if you read this.
its your call if u still intend to block me. i've already admitted my fault and apologised that time. but seriously think thru it logically. its just a trivia matter. blowing it up till such proportion. wise choice. again everythings up to u now. u noe i dun take things to heart.

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