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Copied these from xian's blog

1.single,taken or crushing:
single but taken? lol

2.are you happy with your life now:
yeah im happy with life provided sch proj ends

3.when you meet the right person, will you fall for him/her fast:
i will if i am certain but no gurantee how long i might keep within myself before letting anyone know

4.have you had your heart broken:

5.do you believe there are circumstances where cheating love is acceptable?:
cheating and acceptable dont go together

6.would you talk to someone back if he/she cheats you:
i will but after i give that person a smackdown of her life.. lol damn i am violent

7.have you talk to another person about marriage before:
yeaps.. a few close ppl actually

8.do you want children:
a boy and a girl

9.how many:

10.would you consider adoption:
not actually liking it but if it was a desperate measure then no choice yeah

11.if someone likes you right now, what do you think will let you know his/her feeling:
i dun really get this cos grammatically it could go many ways, i guess normally i use my instinct and feeling to tell if that person likes me.. who noes.. nobody can read ppls mind.. at least not me

12.do you enjoy getting into relationship:
enjoy is not the word, looking fwd to it

13.be honest, what did you & your ex did:
hold hands hug kiss wad else? lol

14.do you believe in first love:
first loved and one of my better frens now

15.are you romantic:
HAH.. later ppl say me boliao HOR...

16.do you believe you can change someone:
i dun believe much in changing.. must accept the person for who she is

17.if you could marry somewhere, where could it be:
any place with both mine and her parents

18.do you easily give up when you're fighting:
fighting as in physically? no i dun give up. mentally? no either. lol

19:do you have feelings for someone right now:
hmmm =]

20:have you wished you had someone, but messed it up:
hahaha.. messed up.. like totally but still am gd frens with her now

21:have you broken a heart:
i guessed.. nt tt i want to anyway

22:one day, if your best friend falls in love with he/she that you are deeply in love with, what would you do:
kinda happened before. pissed but still let it go as a fair competition. no underhand means and take it like a man.

23:are you missing someone right now:
yeaps. i admit. so what? dig it out frm me? try lor. lol

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