Welcome to the Element of Clement

u noe what.

when u and py were discussing over something in club just nw.
u mentioned abt u having no other choice but him
i did not react whatsoever
hell what can i even do other then smile rite
i saw u peeping over seeing my reaction when u said that

am i thinkin too much?
or was it a coincidence

oh well


this evening when u said:
"next time dun haf to go back together le, u got bus concession leh"
it hurt so much
really it hurt so so much
but i just kept quiet.
i guess u werent even aware at all.
what r u trying to say?

r u really askin me to save money


r u asking me to F off from now on

i noe very well u dun exactly like someone to really walk u back or specially send u home.
well i asked, ok i told u that i wanted to walk u back
u said no
i asked why
u said no dun wan
bla bla bla..
and then i said what if i wanna be stubborn
somehow somewhere
u said u would get angry
u stared at me like as if i murdered someone
i said
"since u say until lidat already, wad can i say rite"
i kept quiet there after
i didnt wanted to even say bye to u when i was abt to alight
u said bye
somehow i just said bye too
something which i didnt want to do in the very first place
did u felt that i was pissed

i was

and i didnt noe why

i hope i am nt dreaming of things that nv were
really what am i exactly to u

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