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I couldn't get to sleep last night. Was thinking abt so many things. Then again I wondered. Where has bunny gone to. Is he still on your bed. Or where have he been isolated to. Thoughts just came rushing back into my mind. I have moved on. I just thought that I should just jot this down. Times with you were just ever so sweet.

I remember the lock with our names on it. Locked it outside your old place. Silly things like me picking up the file that you dropped into the drain. Passing it back to you and seeing you so touched. Things like how we strolled back from CCK CC after your badminton training. How we spent time together just at the playground outside your condo. How you asked so many questions when I bought you to watch X-Men II. Times that would never be again.

People tell me to forget everything and move on. I am living life at my best now. Forgetting memories are not possible. I like to look back at stuff but there are people in my life now that are much more important then you were previously.

Those were just a time for me to grow up from. You having bad or negative impressions on me after we went our separate ways I don't care. I just feel sorry that you couldn't see things in my perspective. Noticed how long I didn't chat with you on msn. Our last chat just made me feel so pissed off. You said something that made me feel so pissed until now. I kept quiet and just told myself to let you be. Take things in whatever way you want to receive them. Oh? I guess you forgotten what you said. Oh well its totally fine with me.

Sometimes I just hope we could be good friends. Like how I can be with PeiQi. Then again maybe because we were from two different worlds all together. You the princess of everyone and me the frog prince maybe? Like the beauty and the beast? Or maybe the angel and the devil. Whatever I'm thinking within maybe no one can fully understand.

Just a thought. Just feels so good to remember how sweet things were.
Xiufen mentioned to me about you the last time I went to club with her. She expected a reaction from me but I just told her "oh. All the best to her then."
So I guess if you are reading this. All the best. Have some tiny confidence in yourself always. Dare to try alright. And lastly. Don't be influenced. Think and judge things yourself. Take care.

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