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Pubbing on Friday night at the clinic was ok. Didn't turn out as fantastic as I would want to. Was a little disappointed at the outcome. Anyway I reached home 7am Sat morning. Slept through till 2pm. AND damn that sleep was one of my most dreadful in my whole 20 years (soon to be). I dreamt about all things that I dread. Ok perhaps not all but one of my most dreaded situations. Whats worst, I woke up at 10am, 12pm and stuff and the dream just keeps carrying on. No change. Ok maybe there are some changes in the dream. Things just got worst and worst. Totally. I woke up EXTREMELY moody. I went to brush my teeth and just went back to bed. Switched on my laptop and my mom asked how I was. Like totally pissed. I just felt so extremely moody. Yes getting moody over your nightmares is a very silly thing to do. But damn I felt as though that bugger up there is trying to tell me something. Like giving me a serious wake up call.

Just when I felt I was going crazy Jazelle smsed me. That cheered me up abit. Smsed her through the day really made my day feel better. She told me dreams and reality are opposite. I SERIOUSLY HOPE SO. Cos if it ever happens in reality I think I would so totally go crazy.





e v e r




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