Welcome to the Element of Clement

Was on my way back this morning. Walking towards funan with vanice to flag a cab. Along the way I asked her,"Vanice, am I very fierce." She said that to her, yes I am very fierce. Ah well. Then she asked,"What does it feel to be in love."

Hmm.. tough question. Its not as though I'm some Casanova or what but I guess it varies. When two different people come together, different equations occur. To me I guess its just having a better best friend. Someone who you can bare your heart to, be it good or bad. I am the sort that keeps a lot in me but just need that someone to get it out of me. I'm sure those close to me know that I don't go around boasting my problems and whatever. I tell them when I want to. I tend to do things as and when I want. Like what we spoke about yesterday. I smoke because there is no reason for me not to smoke. Yes bash that statement down in whatever way you deem fit. But then again. My life, my rules. So what gives? People say quit for your own sake. Ok. But then again. If there is nothing important in my life, no difference in how long I live right? Get the point? Not going to eleborate more. Its a matter of perspective. Chicken/Egg situation.

I've longed to fall in love. But I guess which girl wants this bastard. I'm not going to become someone just cos its that persons ideal guy. I will be myself in front of everyone. Never gonna put up a front. Yes I hurl vulgarities. Yes I smoke. Yes I might even have hot temper. So what. Its just me.

I used to think that you change for someone. Yes to a certain extent. But then if the person doesn't appreciate it. Why bother. I hate people who take things for granted. Lowest life. When there are times that you need help. Seek for it. Stop putting up a front. Even heroes know when to be scared. If theres a thing you feel needs to be done. Just go ahead, follow your heart, do it.

I told tp this previously.
Do whatever you want. Decide how you want to do the next step. Follow your heart. I'm not gonna bother how terrible you fall. Just believe that I will be there for you everytime you fall.

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