Welcome to the Element of Clement

Well I'm not sure what it is but firstly, I'm feeling totally messed up. I hate the feeling of everything suddenly bombarding into me and yet nothing is settled. I detests things unorganised and also left there hanging.

I don't exactly know what to say but then again. Its been some time that I've gone out or met up with brotherhood people. Wz and Boy busy with ITP. TP busy with his work. WS? Dunno what he has been doing. Leslie's foot injured and also in NS. DZ also MIA but we smsed abit this afternn. Somehow I feel things are so apart. Hope this sat we can meet up.

Just feeling to tired. So many events now and I guess everything has blown over. Time to sit down, relax and find a job or just do something constructive. ADD is over. Vanice's Chalet is over. CNY is over. Exhibition is over. All in the span of 2 weeks. WOW thats painful. My forum buddy Jason was back from aussie but damn within this 2 weeks I didn't manage to get to meet up with him. Was really busy that I didn't go CSC for maybe a month.

Again I feel so apart from my toy gang. It's something I don't want to happen yet I cannot prevent it. Helplessness is the word. So much shit inside me eh. Anyway, I'm just glad I spent the past few days with you. Meant a lot to me. At least it cheered me up. =]

Tired but I just try to acc you as much as possible. I'm sure you know that.

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