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Ha! She's still at her office doing some rendering shit. Or so I know when she last updated me an hour ago saying her boss brought her for dinner. Yeah dinner @ 11++pm.

Anyway this is what I spoke to wz abt:

ME: jac is working like fuck
i keep askin her to quit she dun wan
she still in office now leh

WZ: how come?

Me: everyday lidat

WZ: got ot pay?

ME: cos everyone push all rendering to her

WZ: ask her quit

ME: she dun wan quit

WZ: fucked up company
say dont quit i go create havoc

ME: lol
i already told her i damn dulan
but she say starting maybe lidat

WZ: -.-"

ME: i tell her then all other workers go back early ah

WZ: no ot pay dont talk

ME:she say the designer say if elsewhere got ot he also wan go work

WZ: den go lah
not her problem
ot with no pay = no talk

Showed all those to jac and she mentioned wz damn brother. LOL. wz happy or not. Know you're busy with work and your fucked up faris-like boss. Why are all bosses fucked up lately. lol. Oh well. Just really hope jac doesn't push herself too much.

Napfa tmr or should i say later. Just hope that I would fare well for my chin-up. The least I can do for her is to at least pass my chin-up which is near impossible. Kept telling her that I would fail my napfa becos of that damn chin-up but I really hope that she wouldn't be sad. She kept telling me that if I tried my best its good enough for her. I will try my best but when I just don't want to see u sad thats why I must pass. LOL. I'm lost myself. Don't exactly get what I'm typing. Oh well. All in all, I'm determined to pass so that I won't see you sad.

Good luck.

Oh ya, did up a new lightbox in the afternoon after reading an article online. Some new pics. Here goes. CC welcomed.

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