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It's pretty pathetic how my life has evolved to rotting at home and facing the comp everyday. Life's beginning to be a boring routine. Wake up, eat, survive, sleep. I do that almost everyday. Went online to search for a job. Applied for 5 jobs and 1 replied me within a few hours. Informed me about being attached to a bank for some credit card sales thingy. Work for 2 weekdays and 2 weekends. Pay wise and job scope seems really good but ended up not taking it because my sundays would be burnt. Sunday is the most impt day of the week. The only day I get to meet jac.

Seeing how jac works really makes me appreciate my attachment company. Work hours 8 - 530 everyday and it really is stop work at 530 everyday. Any job not complete, carry on tmr. Unlike jac who is working till the sky is dark and the office empty everyday. Supposedly 10 - 6 everyday but hey guess what, she only gets to knock off if she finishes her work. Ok, doesn't seem to bad right. She works Mon - Sat each week, normally and I do mean normally ends work at 10-11. On 'abnormal' days she ends work at 2. 2am I mean. Well it's not as though she does work slow, her company's comp is slow. She gets the shittiest piece of interior design. The 3D rendering shit. No matter how fast you are, the 3D will always render like countless shitty hours.

Popped by her workplace today to get her dinner. Left my house at 915 and guess what. My dad made stupid nonsense again. Didn't know about it until I got home. He complaint to my sis, AS USUAL. Nonsense like I scared girlfren run away and stuff. I mean like what the fuck. PLEASE. Stop being such a smart ass. Ka kiang is not the way (how ironic that I spoke about ppl who ka kiang this evening with jac). Alright nuf said. But yeah, somehow I feel so helpless that I can't do much for her. No car no money. Sigh what a broke. She said I was really sweet but then again I told her, what can you gain for being sweet. Not even pratical. A transport is practical. Having money is practical. Hell even having a great body beats being sweet. Somehow I just feel so useless not being able to do much for her. May god bless my soul for becoming a more practical being.

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