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This week's quite a week. Met up with Wz, Tp and Ahboi. Missed the times we slack after sch together. Aud told me she missed the times we met after sch for dinner as well. Was really good memories but oh well , we can always do that again!

Life really has changed so much over the years. How much I have changed and how many people actually stopped by to notice it. People come and go but you just got to adapt to it. Was really disappointed today when I read my ex's nick about me leaving her with not much memories. Been through so much and I guess I was just nth. Oh well, old things go for new things to come yeah. And I love my new thing! Haha! I appreciate you for being there for me JAC! =P (yeah yeah mushy stuff but I DON'T REALLY CARE LEH)

Realised how much I really love toys today (duh). As in I really felt the joy of buying toys after so long! Just a lil thing I bought and all the years of feeling came back. Was out of action for darn long until I forgot how happy it was to get new toys. Decorate my room with them and every corner you see. OMFG. SWEE MAN! Just stylo milo dinosaur la! I really need to find a contractor when I have money to really custom my own display in the next 1 year.

Mother's day is coming.

Hua Hee Lao Bu Li


Disclaimer: I dunno wads day in hokkien, Li is by Mr. Choo. So wrong pls find him.

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