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Little review and comments by yours truly.


You have been warned.
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Just caught the movie last sat. Was entertaining but not satisfying.

Spider-sense was practically taking a break through out the movie. It was something that played a part in the previous two movies. His black symbiote was practically just a piece of cloth and not a living element. As usual, Toby is a darn good actor.

New Goblin was fresh and good. Only complaint was that he walked out of the gas chamber like some handsome fashion model while his dad struggled and went berserk after the gas effect. Well, perhaps age plays a part.

Sandman was an extra totally. Added in for the 'Hollywood Special Effects'.

Venom was ok. Eddie Brock was too small and lanky. Too short a screen time and not fully utilised. This is when the symbiote was at its best. Living and consuming and being vulnerable to vibrations.

Harry's butler. OMG come on. You knew it all along and you kept quiet until Harry blew half his head off.

Overall, funny scenes are there as usual. Action could have been better. Still the little boy beside me cheered me up. 30mins through the movie he was asking his mom if he could go home. He was afraid of the Sandman and the Symbiote. Really cute.

I suppose non-comic book fans would enjoy it as jac was totally in love with the movie. Recommended but not at weekend prices. The movie didn't live up to its hype.

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