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I rised yst!

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Caught the movie yst at Vivo GVmax. Was a good movie for me. At least it's better then the first IMO. Spoilers ahead.


The flow of the movie was just right. Nothing rushed. Everything just connects 1 after another. Or maybe because Spidey was so rushed, this seemed so much better in comparison.

Many usual humor elements. Some of which I laughed quite loud.
Johnny Storm seemed to have grew throughout the flow of the movie. From a brat to somewhere an adult at the end of the movie. Ok maybe not totally.

Well at least the final battle was quite climatic but could have been longer. How Johnny contained all 4 of their powers and his usage was amazing. Then again, it wasn't fully utilised.

At the end of the movie, Silver Surfer turned on Galactus(duh) and earth is saved. At least for the time being. Galactus was a fiery element. Outline of the head of the classic Galactus was there. The clouds are actually his wrath and his devouring skills I guess.

The only corny part of the movie was Dr Doom stealing the surfboard and using it for his own. Doom on surfboard anyone?

8/10 for me.

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