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Transformers Movie - Deluxe Decepticon Brawl

Tech Specs
DECEPTICON BRAWL is built for one thing, and one thing alone - destruction. His programming has been gripped for as long as he can remember by a rage so deep and so hot that he feels little else. The only thing that allows him a few moments of happiness is the fury of combat. There is nothing so sweet to him as the thunderous noise of his shells bursting against the armor of a faltering AUTOBOT.

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Alternate Mode

Brawl's Alternate mode is based on the Abrams Tanks with some slight modifications. Some modifications include an 2 additional turrets above the main turret. Technically, this cannot be done in real-life unless the top turrets are automatics. Being able to turn in 2 different directions is not something that can be done yet. Brawl rolls on 4 wheels built within the tank treads. A pity would be that the turrets don't face up, only sideways.

Above the main turrent sports a grey Decepticon symbol. Strangely, this Decepticon symbol is flipped vertically upside down. It doesn't make sense for it to be upside down. Even when Brawl is in robot mode, the symbol is not upright still.

Comparing the final product with the image on the back of the card, you can notice that a lot of camouflage paintwork are actually removed and simplified on the final product. Still it doesn't detract much from the alternate mode. The overall feel for the alternate mode definately spells destruction anyway you see it.


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Brawl's Automorph feature requires the front of the tank to be pushed in a downwards motion. As this is done, the head and tank treads by the side flip up. The treads flip up above the shoulders. The head flips up but requires to be turned around to face front.

Robot Mode

Brawl is a bulky robot covered in green and black with gold trimmings. It retains all the colours it has in tank mode. Armor plates are constantly covering all of his body.

Brawl's head sports red light piping eyes. The headsculpt is done extremely well. Paint application of gold and silver are done in excellent shape, no paint bleeding whatsoever.

Brawl has tons of weaponries. He sports 2 turrets on his back, 2 missle launchers on each side of his shoulders, a large cannon mounted on his right arm as well as a claw on his left arm. Brawl's hands are sculpted as a 3 finger claw

Articulation wise, Brawl has all of it in the right places. My only grip would be the clip connectors at the shoulders. The clips are loose! Everytime you move the arms, it drops off from the clips. Requiring you to clip it back again. It's really troublesome but nothing a little clear nail polish cannot save.


At the end of the day, I say get it. Other then the clips at the shoulders, Brawl is an excellent figure. Heard a leader class Brawl is releasing in the future, how true is that I am not sure. A strong 9/10.

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