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Transformers Movie - Voyager Blackout

Tech Specs
BLACKOUT is the largest of the DECEPTICONS. Most often seen looming silently over the right shoulder of MEGATRON, he is his leader's hound. He pursues relentless efficiency, allowing nothing to stop him in his task. Those who defy him beware: his rage knows no bounds. He will fill the air with fire and burn the land clear to take his revenge. Paired with his minion SCORPONOK, he is a dangerous and a deadly foe.

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Alternate Mode

Blackout’s alternate mode is a MH53 Helicopter. One that is currently being used by the US army. The sculpt on the alternate mode is spot on to the real deal. Every tip from head to toe is prĂ©cised and detailed.

At the rear of Blackout, there’s a drop cage with a mini Scorponok figure in it. Scopornok is primarily in pearl white with a dap of black wash above it. Details are present and the wash brings it out. Instead of being an entire plastic piece, the tail is moulded separately with a spring loaded action to it. It jumps out of Blackout cage instead of just being dropped. Looks better this way IMO.

At the tail of Blackout is a button that you can push. When this is done, the rotors would spin in an anti-clockwise direction. This feature is normally present in all the recent helicopter transformers but Blackout’s motion is more menacing due to 6 blades instead of the usual 4.


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Blackout’s automorph requires to push the back in resulting in the spinning of the cockpit, thus revealing the head of Blackout. Hasbro’s instructions are crap and could damage the toy. Wonder how many parents transforming Blackout for their kids have already got it damaged.

Robot Mode

Blackout’s robot mode spots the same colours as in alternate mode. A Decepticon symbol can be found on his chest. Though on the Tech Specs it states Blackout is the largest of the Decepticons, I guess that only applies to the movie as Blackout is just a little taller then an average deluxe sized transformer.

Blackout’s head is very detailed with a blackwash over it. The head is swiveled and can turn 360 degrees, but that is quite useless as his body has many parts blocking his view other then his front. His legs and arms have articulation in all the right areas. Definitely have no problem trying to pose him in dynamic poses.

Blackout has no accessories whatsoever (other then scorpy of course). His only weapon is his big friggin’ rotor. Bend the rotor section down and hook the main section of the weapon on Blackout’s shoulders. Place the peg into his hands and viola. The spinning action can also be used in this mode. My only complaint is that the weapon is seriously oversized. A removable rotor would really be nice.

Overall, Blackout is a nice voyager. Sexy alternate mode, robot mode is nice too (other then the small size of course). The weapon doesn’t really do much for me. The pack-in Scorponok is a nice touch. Personally, I like it a lot and would recommend to everyone interested in getting Blackout.


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