Welcome to the Element of Clement

Finally finished my Transformers movie novelisation this evening. Was a much better ride comparing to the actual movie itself. The novel, though just plain words, made me feel the movie better. Details and specifications seemed so much more important then action scenes in the movie.

Somehow it applies to life. The big picture, though dramatic and simple to understand might not just be the actual thing. Details within everything is somehow what is better to understand a person. To understand a person, you find out what is deep in the person. A good friend is always someone who you've been through good and bad with. Someone who feels your pain as well as your happiness. Someone, I'm glad that I have a few of such persons in my life. At least they know very well, I'm not the sort that uses my mouth to acknowledge them, I use my heart, my silent heart. Words need not be spoken all the time, the heart can see it.

Anyway, I'm starting to move out of this emo world. Being a citizen of it is not good. Since WZ has left the airport, it's time for me to do so. Back to country reality. I feel so empty that I'm not working now. Maybe, just maybe, when I work, I won't let my mind wonder about.

Like now even at 0142am you're still out.

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