Welcome to the Element of Clement

Never have I felt so threatened by something everyone loves. The piece of paper everyone hails as a luxury. The piece of paper that glorifies your life. Something labeled as the dollar. Money.

How money can buy you things is something everyone acknowledges. Money makes one happy by satisfying their shopping needs. Their need for comfort and technology. Who doesn't love money. I mean an hour ago I was just ranting to Jazelle telling her over on msn how broke I am that I am deprived of my newly released Transformers that are just hung over the pegs at Metro just today. The urge to rush down for the purchase was just barricaded by my empty wallet and bank account. Just 9 more days for me to feel just a little better. But then again half my pay is going away on my first day.

Money does get one happiness from time to time. However now in my case, the thing called "Financial Support" simply scares me. I mean no matter the case, I'm going to be enlisted soon, it's 2 years behind the society. She's going to earn some big bucks and meet guys with big bucks and big cars. How am I going to be compared. It's just a simple slap on the face and nothing I can do about it. Yes take it that I'm whining, but just accept the fact that I can do nothing, simply NOTHING. They say have trust. I have trust but I might just do the very same thing if I'm the girl.

*Whoa, glad there's this thing as the autosave by blogger now. Just accidentally closed this tab in my FF. Phew.*

Ah well. They say bask in whatever you have now and let the future happen naturally. I'm more of a thinker and I can't help but wonder what our future would be. Seriously, everytime I think about it, I just feel so rotten inside. I am generally ok with being enlisted. The only problem and the only worry I have is just what I described.

A quote that I lived by since sec1:
"Let not the challenge challenge you, instead challenge the challenge itself."

The challenge seemed so much unmovable for me now.

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