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Booking in!

Time to book in yet again!
Missing a lot of things.
How nice it was to be where I was previously.

But now looking back, those times were over. Now if I even go back, I might feel out of place. Booking out seems weird for me now, being in camp seems normal. I know if might sound a little confusing but what I'm trying to say was in camp it feels like home. LOL.

Fri night with Amos and Tobias along SG River was nice. Chatted and drank with the flow of the river. Tok about loads of stuff and we are really like 3 lonesome guys whose heart are all broken and shattered.

Oh well so much whining so little time to whine more. HAHAHA. Anyway ok since ppl are asking me what I want for Birthday. A few links for u guys. :)

G1 Scorponok
G1 Metroplex
G1 Trypticon
Soundwave MP3 with Rumble/Frenzy Earphones

All these could work. :P

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