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Happy Valentine's Day!

I've out on a Thurs!
Don't wanna say leh~

Anyway! Happy Valentine's Day to all love birds out there.
Well I'm nt too bad off myself. I'm spending it at home, with my mother. =)
My course is coming to an end. Really had quite a fruitful time.

SAR21, GPMG, P226 Pistol, Chemical Defence training, Control and Restrain and also finally, my drills improved loads.

Posting will be out soon and I just got this feeling that I would be posted to Detention Barracks. Not to serve my time there, but to be like Prison Wardens I suppose. Well that's not confirmed yet just a speculation on my part. Let's just see how things move on.

15 more days till I pass out. Will really miss the times here with my buddies. Well but thats the SAF for you. Move on, make new friends and move on still.

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