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1 week passed at 6SIR

Few stuffs I bought over the bookout:

Phillips SBA290 Portable Speaker

Astonishing X-Men TPB Vol.1-3
Astonishing X-Men TPB Vol 1-3

Well well, 1 week passed at 6SIR. Really quite a cultural exchange. Haven't been into infantry training ever since Dec. And now I'm back, as an infantry MP. I wouldn't deny that training was grueling. Body aches started coming back. Though aching, it feels good to know that your body is undergoing "upgrades".

3 more weeks of training till I officially get out of trainee phase for my NS life. Awaiting ORD on 14/09/09. Long way to go but it will come one day. 5.5 days a week for 3 weeks is going to be tough. Less times on weekends, less time to spend with people I really care.

Booking in.

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