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Ryofu Tallgeese (呂布トールギス)


Ryofu Tallgeese (呂布トールギス, Ryofu Tallgeese?)

* Character Basis: Lu Bu
* Actor: Tallgeese III

The feared ravaging general. Toutaku's subordinate, has a reputation to be a strong and matchless warrior. Other name "Housen (奉先)". He joins Toutaku's army in order to find stronger opponents. He leaves no mercy for the weak, he is said to be a coldhearted character by the Chou Brothers. Rides the Sekitoba (赤兎馬), a horse which can transform to a bike.
As he saw his comrades die one by one, he fell into a rage and called on Ryuubi for a duel. But in the end he shielded Ryuubi from one of the shots fired by Toutaku, he said that Ryuubi can only be defeated by him before he collapse, its not said if he survived.

* Weapon: Halberd (破塵戟)





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