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Maybe I was a little overboard. But I really have zero idea what happened and devoured me, to cause me to behave in such a way. I seriously am just sick of being used all the time. Only to approach me when you feel like and totally leave me aside when you are "done with me".

You know it's like being rented.

I just don't wish to be entangled in any of this affairs anymore. I am quite pissed but at the same time I don't like to be like this. I don't like to be mean to someone who meant so much to me previously. Now I just want to recover and try to make things better. Definitely not in the near future, but only time will tell.

Human beings always grow up through lessons learnt in life.

I guessed this is a lesson I ought to learn a long time ago.
In my heart I still treat you as a very good friend. That is all. I have already eradicated the side of me that still loves you, well, sadly. Yes, regrets still boil but I would just constantly ask myself, does she even cherish me.

I keep thinking, have you had any regrets whatsoever even after we broke up. Have you learnt anything from these events. I've always dreamt that one day, you would be back with me as how we were day one. How you would learn to cherish me, not take me for granted, and possibly don't freaking rent me. Impossible is the word that floats up everytime I think of that. Like I mentioned I can only DREAM.


I am perfectly fine now. Just want you to know what I have been thinking these times.
I'm over everything and life's been great. Much better.

Yes apologies for everything you know I would apologise for.

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