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Target Acquired

Transformers Autobot Targetmasters

Finally finally FINALLY! After eons, the 6 are united! Under my detolf! HAHA! No words can described my joy. Really have to thank Joan a lot for her hard work and patience! Haha. THANKS MANNNN!!


Caught The Dark Knight this afternoon. And man oh man, it's like one of the best movies in my life. Tops all the other superhero movies I watched previously. Hedge Ledger is godly. And no it's not because he is dead, but it's really, his acting as The Joker is tremendously excellent.

The movie was really well scripted. The Dark Knight potrayed how helpless and weak Batman can actually be. The Joker really stole the spotlight with his "pranks" and psychopathic behavior. Some scenes really sent chills up my spine.

Believe me, go watch it. You will not regret it. It's such a good movie that it cannot be missed.

Why... so.. Seriouss.... son...?!

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