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Worn out

I am simply worn out of my NS life.
Doing Ops Bacinet ever sinced April has taken a toil on me.

The previous batch of MPs mentioned to us before.
"There will be a time of fun, then comes the pain, following by the looking forward of freedom"
Somehow this feels so very true. When we just started Ops Bacinet, we were excited on doing this new thing. It started with a 2 day on 2 day off shift. Who wouldn't like that. Moreover you patrol the Airport looking nice and smart. Some really nice times eh.

However, whatever things taken in excess always leads to an unhealthy life. Likewise, being in Ops B for such a freaking long time, especially after it was changed to 4 day on 2 day off due to lack of manpower, life starts to travel downhill.

It's like you do a 12 hr shift, back to camp, rest 12 hr, and back to duty. Repeat for 96hrs. How boring can life get. Especially when you're in duty. A single hour seems so long. Oh if you notice or calculate, it's 1 weekend off per month. Freaking good yeah. I don't know man, a lot of my peers' morale have already hit rock bottom, yours truly included. I simply drag my dead corpse from 1 day to another. Totally having no mood to do anything.

I used to snap so many pics of my toys and blog about so many things. Now it seems I really have nothing to blog about unless it's about my duty. And during my off days, I simply rest at home surfing the net, TRYING to update myself on happenings around the world. I mean ya I already missed the Olympics Opening, NDP.

Then people ask me why I club so much recently, why I drink so much. Let's just say I'm a lazy bugger and like to take an easy way out of my life. Unwind and let loose.

My posts are getting meaningless by the day. Ya but whatever, one day things would surely improve. Till then.

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