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So what about the mind

So now due to the uber urging of Elizabeth Soh Le Er, I will flood my blog with words and alphaberts rather then pictures. Yes I realised it's becoming a bad habit but yes I am converting.

Recently, the brains dead. Like seriously.

Many screw ups in deployment. I mean like imagine because of a single fella, the entire battalion is getting screwed soon. Really utterly surprised at the destruction this idiot has done. What's a better news is that he is going to be ORD-ing soon, yet he wants to feed some shit to us. Thanks man.

Then another bad news.

Clear SOC or denied of COS. read.
Clear Standard Obstacle Course or denied of Certificate of Service.

Woots. Like deployment, deployment and more deployment. 1 month of pull out, and BAM! You guys are all supposed to pass. Cannot pass too bad. No COS. I mean that is total bullshit. But I will not carry on this pointless ranting. Only solution is to PASS or to BREAK. Break as qouted by Thomas means, break something, a part of your human body. DOWN PES. HA, not the way for me Thomas, try it yourself.

Now I saw something really sweet today at T3 Viewing Gallery when I was doing my rounds today.

Saw 2 little boys, maybe like 4 - 6yrs. When I walked past them, this younger one took his white space shuttle and showed it off to me. Taking a closer look, I saw an Autobot insignia on its wings. It's a freaking Sky Lynx.

Of course the piece he was playing was a recent reissue of the old mold. Then his older brother took out a gray plastic piece from his bag. It's a freaking leg part from Omega Supreme. Yes I was shocked to see kids of this generation actually appreciating vintage toys, but it was good news.

These kids have a bright future... and a good father.

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