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Ryuubi Gundam (劉備ガンダム)

Ryuubi Gundam (劉備ガンダム, Ryuubi Gundam)

* Character Basis: Liu Bei
* Actor: Gundam

The successor of Ryuutei. A young samurai who is from the bloodline of the Ryuutei, who once ruled the whole Mirisha. He is born in Rousou Viliage(楼桑村) of Yuushuu(幽州) in northern Mirisha. He does not accept the evil, for justice he can stand against anyone without any fear, a man of men. His righteous spirit later gathered a number of warriors under his banner. A cheerful youth who is always caring to children. He looks up to his senior Kousonsan.
He met Sousou for the first time during the battle at Korou Fortress (虎牢城). Though they are working together at that time, he had a minor clash with Sousou because of their conflicting ideals.
Having Ryofu covering him from Toutaku's attack and seeing Ryofu collapse before him, Ryuubi fell into a rage and defeated Toutaku with the Tengyokugai "Souryuu". After the battle he was offered a place in Sousou's army but he refused and told Sousou that he decided to continue his travels. With the promise of meeting Sousou, Sonken and Sonshoukou again, the three sworn brothers left on their journey being sent off by the promised three.
In the Comic World version, the one who used the Tengyokugai to defeat Toutaku is Sonken.

* Weapon: Garyuutou<牙龍刀>(red), Souryuutou<爪龍刀>(blue), Ryuuteiken(龍帝剣)

Ryuubi Gundam
Ryuubi Gundam
Ryuubi Gundam

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