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Rock Band-ing.... by a 5 year old?

So everybody's know I've been playing Rock Band for the PS3 lately. Yes it is extremely addictive, especially partying with friends. Grooving to the likes of Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jet and even KISS, and just going crazy in the living room. Guitars and Drums are fine with me but no no no, I can't freaking do the vocalist. Haha!

Ok so I was browsing youtube for Enter Sandman by Metallica for the Rock Band. Tried expert mode and it was IMPOSSIBLE for me at the moment. Searched for Hard Mode and what do I get. A freaking 5 year old who scored 96% for the Hard Mode on Rock Band. He's even better then me, the best I've scored for Hard Mode is perhaps just 90+%. Check it out.

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