Welcome to the Element of Clement

What's up lately man?

I am SO tired man.
So tired of many many things.
So tired of partying.
So tired of uncertainties.
So tired of deployment.
So tired of smoking. YES I said it.
So tired of photography.

Every off day, I meet a friend for lunch. Then what else?
Travel back home and just spend the rest of the day home.
Always feels so lethargic when I'm at home. Never feel like doing a damn thing.

Sometimes I feel better in camp then at home. The net is an evil place to be with so much information, so dangerous, so annoying. Ironically, I always look forward logging onto the net when I book out. Just want to update myself on the news around. I do read news for people who don't know me.

I always look back. After every party, I just feel so much more distant each time. Partying just don't seem to be my thing anymore. The energy, the enjoyment, the invulnerability just isn't there anymore. Am I getting old? I'm just a damn 21 year old kid man. Well like seriously, I didn't really enjoy Zoukout cept for the drinks that I had. That's it I guess. Just another party experience for me.

Oh well. Christmas is coming.
Decisions~ decisions.

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