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Purchases in the year 2008

A quick summary for the purchases I made in the year 2008. What a year of collecting.
Transformers Encore #05 Ironhide & #06 RatchetMarvel Legends 8 Modern Armor IronmanMarvel LegendsIMG_3336X-men Messiah Complex Chapter 13 FinaleMarvel Legends Wonderman w/ Yellowjacket
Transformers G1 Punch / CounterpunchAstonishing X-Men TPB Vol 1-3Purchase 16032008G1 Vintage DirgeMarvel Legends Cannonball & Domino 2 PackPurchase 110408Purchase 110408-2Purchase 150408Kamen Rider Den-O Action Pose Part 2Purchase 270408Purchase 010508Purchase 250508Purchase 310508Beast Wars TerrorsaurPurchase 120608Purchase 280608Purchase 040708Purchase 130708G1 Targetmaster Poinblank w/ PeacemakerPurchase 180708Purchase 080808Purchase 100808Purchase 160808Purchase 030908Purchase 090908Purchase 150908Purchase 190908Engine Sentai Go-Onger - DX 09 Jum BowhalePurchase 210908Purchase 270908Purchase 290908Purchase 041008Purchase 121008Transformers Encore #09 Omega SupremePurchase 241008Purchase 071108Purchase 091108Purchase 161108Purchase 271108Purchase 061208Purchase 121208Purchase 141208Purchase 141208Purchase 211208

Whew! On a side note. I'm back from a 11day MIA.

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