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The start of 2009

It's the start of 2009 and my wallet is going into recession.
Going into a period of tonnes of monetary commitments. It would probably last a few months and hopefully it would pull out in the month of March.

Have decided to get a PS3 in the next few months instead of an iTouch. It would be quite a sum to me considering my pathetic army allowance. Drawing like $600 a month? The situation worsens when I am still gathering purchases for my plastic addict.

Heading over to YiXian's place tmr for a little dinner. Great way to have a little gathering after so long. Speaking about dinners reminds me of the Lunar New Year. And guess what? My room is still in heaps of rubbish and mess. Got to really put my heart into it during the weekends. Once done I guess I can finally post up pics of my collections after long last. My last update was July 2007 man.

Watched Ip Man recently and I am so totally into it. Had watched Jason Statham's Transportor3 and thought the fight scenes were simply awesome. However, Ip Man totally blew that glorified taxi driver away with his expert skills in the fist of Wing Chun. The entire platoon of mine is still crazy over it, because we all want to fight 10 people. Lol.

Till then.
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