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New Template

Well new template. Having my field camp this Tue to Thur so no communications with the outside world, would be back in Tekong for traning exercises. Another week down and next week is my 6th week as a MP trainee. Few more weeks and I would be posted out as a MP. Chinese New Year is coming real soon and I've still yet to pack my stuffs or gotten new clothes.

Oh yeah, I've gotten Marksman for my SAR21 Range. $200 richer and more importantly a Marksman badge for my uniform! Also, I've recieved a GST tax thingy yst, getting $100 this coming 31st. Add on to CNY Red Packets as well as my backpay of last month, this month I'm getting quite a sum. Time to REALLY get some cabinets for my toys.

Recently damn hooked onto the song "Lips of an Angel" by Hinder. Really nice and touching song.

Have a good week guys. Back next weekend.

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