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7 things

No! not that 7 things by Miley Cyrus.
Just 7 things I bring along with me on the go all the time.
Ok fine, I admit, the URBAN section of The Straits Times has some part to play in this

7 things I bring on the go

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The backpack. Gotten it from a local bag peripherals store. Rugged look with just enough compartments for my to house all my belongings. Zippers are always smooth and have never been stuck. Perfect for the on-the-go me.

Communications. One for the civilian me. The other for the regimental work use. Pretty much average phones for every day uses. Reason I need 2 cell phones. One has a built in camera lens while the other doesn’t. My workplace forbids camera cells.

The shades. It’s a cheap shades that my sis have gotten for me when she went overseas because I whine that I don’t have a proper one. Nice and comfy and just enough to protect my eyes in sunny Singapore.

The player. The Zen 2GB. Decided to get it because I lack a proper MP3 player ever since my iPod Mini broke down. Also, it acts as a substitute for the future iPod touch I am planning to get. Pro iPod user here. It’s small in size (just about a size of a credit card) but packs a punch in music quality. The more then sufficient 2GB capacity is good enough for me because I always load up the player with about 150+ songs and 0 videos. Protected in official Creative acrylic casing.

Would you choose the white or the black lighter? Lighters are a must on the go. At least for a smoker.

SBA-290. The portable music system on the go by Phillips. Ultra slim body with it’s dynamic bass boost, incredible surround as well as XSL acoustics. Simply love it’s piano black version which I chose over the pear white one. Runs on AAA batteries so it wouldn’t eat into the battery power of my player.

The portable entertainment system. My beloved PSP Slim. For videos, games and also as a portable wi-fi platform. Equipped with a 4GB Sandisk memory stick, sufficient for my use. 8GB seems to be a little on the overkill side. Protected by a Logitech hardcase for hard knocks what god knows what else.

The Sennheiser HD212 Pro. Music is my life. Enchanced quality music is what makes a difference in my life. With noise-cancelling feature to block out pollutants such as baby cries, vehicles as well as gossiping middle aged women. It is a must feature for music on the go. Total comfort where it sits around your ears instead of surrounding it. Being everything clear, crisp and bassy and I do mean very bassy. Totally in love.

So ya that's about it. =)

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