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Really Glad

Yes I am Christopher Columbus for a day.
I made a discovery.


Ok anyway, yeaps after some months of wasted efforts I finally managed to achieve a little result.
Yeah it's pretty much nth but just being the "off-day-too-much-time-nth-better-to-do" kind of person, I am certainly quite pleased with myself. LOL~


OK back to normal. Yeah something's wrong with my laptop and it's been goin on for the past 30mins. OK then again.

When I made that discovery, I was actually quite afraid. Not knowing how I would react. I don't want to have that nostalgic feeling I used to have. The depressing feeling that builds up within me almost instantly. Making the discovery was one thing, opening the door to it was another.

In the end, I was like hack, after so many months, a little peek won't hurt eh.

So there I went clicking and clicking and it just went on.
Reading months of missed chapters.

And boy.
The more I read, the more I felt it was a total worthy effort for me.
I AM SO GLAD I read it all.
So glad life is so much better for you.

Somehow in the past I've always felt that I wanna outshine you, just to make you know that I'm living a better life, faking a front. Or that's how I was advised by many people. But really that wasn't really working for me. Yes life did get better for me but still some things didn't change. Maybe not yet.

I'm honestly deep down feeling very happy for you. Weird, strange even MIND BOGGLING, lol, yes even I find it that way myself. Many concerns I had previously were all lifted.

Maturity, Family, Siblings, Parents, Work, and most imptly your peers.
All things I worried about were all pooooof! SOLVED! HEH. I seriously have no idea why I felt so relieved and delighted when I have nth to play in it. It was just about a year but I've seen so much of a difference.

I just seem to be repeating myself, but hack. Maybe that's just how limited my vocabulary actually is.

Ok whatever. God bless my injury.
Time to hit the sacks.

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